SecureDAM is a GlobalizeMe Product solution. GlobalizeMe Product BV is a software company in the Netherlands specializing in easy to use and secure workflow tools. Our mission is to simplify your work, so you enjoy it more. At the same time we strongly feel that simplification of workflows leads to better compliance.

If you would like to customize our products or any other solution, we offer a range of additional services through our affiliated companies:

GlobalizeMe Digital is our web application development and cloud consulting division. We will build the additional features, workflow APIs and hosting environments that meet your requirements.

GlobalizeMe Content is our content creation, translation and localization division. We will add the user interface languages that you need to serve the markets you operate in.

Your SecureDAM invoices will be sent to you by GlobalizeMe Product BV.

GlobalizeMe Product BV is registered at the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel). Registration number:74304445.